107 Portrait 1


After years of frustration, herewith is my very first “finished” portrait. I used a picture of my one year old niece as a model. Of course the result is not that good and neither does it look like her but I’m proud that I was able to finish it as most of the drawings that I made were half-done.

This is the first drawing I posted here and I know I need a lot of practice. My daily notebook of to-dos, an ordinary pencil, 8B Staedtler and Pilot eraser are the materials I used.

Initial sketch
Initial sketch


Portrait 1
Portrait 1

75 Lost

My hands are yearning to sketch

My soul is longing to search

Aching to write, my restless mind thinks

To express its feelings, my heart never skips a beat.


Everything I want to do

To start, I know not how to

I will explode if it ain’t done

All the ideas now begone.


Finding who I am

I am who I’m not

Wake me up in this dream

Jack of all trades, master of none.