Heart is numb
Absence of mind
Damaged soul
Longing to die

The way you care for her
The way you protect her
Never the same
When we are together

Thought I felt the worst when I found out
I never had an idea, it broke me apart
I am so lost, sorrow never seems to end
How can living be more painful than death.


Now sitting in this temporary home

With only myself, a pen and this note

So much to ask, so much to tell

These four corners watched as tears fell


How do I start my life over

When in the past decade to you I have shared

Now it’s empty without any purpose

Left with pain and agony, elusive thoughts.


Without enough sleep, my eyes weep

Calling the name of my mother, longing for her care


To help ease the pain

Bed flooded in tears

This heart cannot feel any anger

But sorrow and fear


Went to a place where we started

Only to bring back memories we have shared

Looking back, there is so much to cherish

But now your love, suddenly had vanished.


Pait ng Puso

Minamasdan ang himbing ng pagtulog

Naririnig yaring pusong tumitibok

Tahimik na paghinga ang siyang nadarama

Sa lalim ng gabing kasing payapa

Nguni’t bakit tila hindi mga mata

Kundi iyong puso ang nakasara

Yaring kalungkutan, ‘di makita

Kayhirap iparating, ‘di maipaunawa

Pangako noon aking inaasam-asam

Init ng yakap at pagmamahal

Sa paglipas ng panahon, taong nagdaan

Ang tamis ng pag-ibig, ngayo’y tumabang

Tahimik na pagluha ang tanging nagagawa

Lungkot sa dibdib, pinapawi nang mag-isa

Maaari pa bang muling magsimula?

Paano ba’ng lungkot mapalitan ng ligaya?

Sa iyong paggising, walang bakas ng pagluha

Lamlam ng mga mata, maglalahong parang bula

Pagsapit ng gabi muling madarama

Pait nitong puso kailan ba mawawala?

74 Re: Fifty-Word Inspiration

Response to Daily Prompt’s Fifty-Word Inspiration:

A fifty-word writing challenge which compressed the words but not the ideas. Took time to shorten the thoughts.


Nine months, you arrived
First smile, tears in my eyes
Said “Dada,” melted my heart
First steps, we walked hand in hand
These never will I forget
I don’t know how to give you the best
Locked behind bars
Until when, nobody knows
A world full of doubt
Nobody understands.

75 Lost

My hands are yearning to sketch

My soul is longing to search

Aching to write, my restless mind thinks

To express its feelings, my heart never skips a beat.


Everything I want to do

To start, I know not how to

I will explode if it ain’t done

All the ideas now begone.


Finding who I am

I am who I’m not

Wake me up in this dream

Jack of all trades, master of none.

141 Re: Breathing Room

Response to Daily Prompt’s Breathing Room:

“An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?”

 Breathing 03 Room


Magical –
as a night sky full of stars;
Over the night –
gone in the sun light;
Added room –
library of my own
Run in the rain, fly a kite
One at a time, the irony of life
Not more than three
is what I am allowed
Family, work, money
nothing is easy
Dream of the future
but present is reality
When life is at stake
you just want to escape
Read a book –
enter somebody else’s nook
When all seems to break
you just want to take a break
Come, bring nothing
but heart, mind and soul
Silence, keep me forever
My breathing room, my shelter.


364 I Had A Boss

02 I Had A Boss

One rainy Sunday afternoon, the cold weather set my mood and so I was able to write this.


I had Boss A soon as I finished college
He used to teach and he also loves to preach
He is a man of wisdom, he has great knowledge
He values his family and only to God he fears.


I had Boss A and he made me an apprentice
I learned so much and developed my skills
I enjoyed work and pushed myself harder
I laughed, I cried, to me he was the best mentor.


I had Boss A, whom we adored and respected
Till it came to my mind that we’re always neglected
All of the hard work was never appreciated
The organization’s success, we never benefited…


I had Boss B who is very optimistic
He encourages people, he makes us believe
I had Boss B who is very energetic
He never ran out of idea even when he lacks sleep.


I had Boss B and he gave me an opportunity
I had the best of my career that others would envy
Work became my home, desk became my bed
With Boss B, computer became my bestfriend.


I had Boss B, I thought we celebrated success together
Would you stay still if even water he cannot share?
I had Boss B, with him our efforts became meaningless
Soon as I realized that to him, people should be treated as slaves…


I had Boss C who seemed to be care free
He is very generous, money is so easy
You’ll be surprised when you get to know him
Not only he treats you as a colleague, but as a family.


I had Boss C first before Boss B
But I didn’t think twice to go back to Boss C
He cares less if you’re late or early
He cares more as he said so of productivity.


I had Boss C who everyone loves
But of course, not as much as his wife does
Now all of you may want to have a boss like mine
But hey, it used to be “I had” ’cause now, it’s “I have.”


First published on September 15, 2013 in my Facebook timeline.

202 December Kills

Driven by the sorrow when the person closest to my heart left. I hope she will not get mad at me when she sees this.

01 December Kills

I wrote this tagalog poem in 2011 using a different blog account which I created just for her.


Ito ang ikatlong araw mula nang ika’y umalis
Taglay mong kalayaan kinuhang kaybilis
Hatid sa iyo’y kapanabikan sa mundong di pa nasilayan
Hatid sa ami’y kalungkutan nitong iyong paglisan.


Bakit tila bigla kang nagbago?
Bakit ang lahat ay pinagpalit mo?
Bakit yaring panandaliang kaligayahan
Ang pinili kaysa iyong kinabukasan?


Ngayong darating na kapaskuhan
Ang aming prinsesa, o nasaan?
Puso namin anong kay panglaw
Kaysakit tanggapin, sa kaligayahan ay uhaw.


Sa iyong pag-alis, mundo’y tumigil sa pag-ikot
Pait ng luha, dulot sa ami’y matinding takot
Tanging hiling, ika’y Kanyang gabayan
Tanging hiling, iyong kaligtasan.


Wala nang papalit sa sayang dulot ng iyong ngiti
Kahit anong regalo wala ni isang makahihigit
Makita kang maligaya, o anong tuwa!
Ngunit pumanaw ang Pasko ngayong ika’y wala.


Aking inakala, Pasko’y nagbibigay saya
Subalit ako pala’y nagkamali, ngayon alam ko na
Isang matalim na sandata, itinarak sa aming puso
Pinatay mo, o Pasko! Buhay nami’y tuluyan nang huminto.


First published on December 11, 2011 3:00pm at evilsister’s blog.