Heart is numb
Absence of mind
Damaged soul
Longing to die

The way you care for her
The way you protect her
Never the same
When we are together

Thought I felt the worst when I found out
I never had an idea, it broke me apart
I am so lost, sorrow never seems to end
How can living be more painful than death.


Now sitting in this temporary home

With only myself, a pen and this note

So much to ask, so much to tell

These four corners watched as tears fell


How do I start my life over

When in the past decade to you I have shared

Now it’s empty without any purpose

Left with pain and agony, elusive thoughts.


Without enough sleep, my eyes weep

Calling the name of my mother, longing for her care


To help ease the pain

Bed flooded in tears

This heart cannot feel any anger

But sorrow and fear


Went to a place where we started

Only to bring back memories we have shared

Looking back, there is so much to cherish

But now your love, suddenly had vanished.


Pait ng Puso

Minamasdan ang himbing ng pagtulog

Naririnig yaring pusong tumitibok

Tahimik na paghinga ang siyang nadarama

Sa lalim ng gabing kasing payapa

Nguni’t bakit tila hindi mga mata

Kundi iyong puso ang nakasara

Yaring kalungkutan, ‘di makita

Kayhirap iparating, ‘di maipaunawa

Pangako noon aking inaasam-asam

Init ng yakap at pagmamahal

Sa paglipas ng panahon, taong nagdaan

Ang tamis ng pag-ibig, ngayo’y tumabang

Tahimik na pagluha ang tanging nagagawa

Lungkot sa dibdib, pinapawi nang mag-isa

Maaari pa bang muling magsimula?

Paano ba’ng lungkot mapalitan ng ligaya?

Sa iyong paggising, walang bakas ng pagluha

Lamlam ng mga mata, maglalahong parang bula

Pagsapit ng gabi muling madarama

Pait nitong puso kailan ba mawawala?

74 Re: Fifty-Word Inspiration

Response to Daily Prompt’s Fifty-Word Inspiration:

A fifty-word writing challenge which compressed the words but not the ideas. Took time to shorten the thoughts.


Nine months, you arrived
First smile, tears in my eyes
Said “Dada,” melted my heart
First steps, we walked hand in hand
These never will I forget
I don’t know how to give you the best
Locked behind bars
Until when, nobody knows
A world full of doubt
Nobody understands.