428 The Reason “Why I’m All In”

Yes, the ‘ber months have officially started.

Eight months have passed yet I still cannot think of Christmas season coming because of the heavy news flashed daily in broadsheets, TVs, radios and social media—protest, terrorism, beheading, shooting, virus, death, etc.

However, I was surprised by what I read this morning…

As I was browsing feeds, I came across this post from the Facebook page of our province’s governor, Jonvic Remulla. The post, entitled “Why I’m All In,” explained the reason why the governor accepted a position that nobody has expected; and this included the earlier journeys in the life of the well-respected Cavite governor in comparison with the current Vice President of the Philippines, Jejomar Binay.

You may be curious as to what does this have to do with bringing some difference in this day of the world…

The governor and vice president came from two different political parties. A few days ago, Caviteños and the greater Filipinos were shocked to hear that the former accepted the position of being the latter’s spokesman for political concerns. Why would the governor do that? This was the question we all want to throw at the governor…and his answer was this:

Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla (Photo grabbed from Jonvic Remulla's Facebook Page).
Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla (Photo grabbed from Jonvic Remulla’s Facebook Page).

There could be no two more different people than Jojo Binay and myself. I grew up spoon-fed, pampered, patrician. The Vice President has been fighting for everything his entire life. Nobody ever gave him anything. His parents died when he was very young. He had to fend for himself at a very early age. I am 6’1 and athletic. He’s no more than 5’2 and that is with shoes on. I never studied hard. He realized very early that it was his only ticket out. While Vice President Binay was working with the Aquinos and risked his life fighting injustices, my father supported the Marcoses. As I aged, I began to stand out in the crowd. He, on the other hand, is so ordinary looking that his charisma stems not from what he has and has been given, but the extraordinary struggle he has gone through his entire life.

I was totally touched by this message. I immediately requested the governor’s permission to repost it, so here I am sharing this admirable thing to you.

I may not be like the man, but I have a deep sense of respect for him.

I see no person being judgmental but pure respect. I truly salute you, Sir!

For those who want to read the whole post, please feel free to check out “Why I’m All In” by Cavite Governor Jonvic Remulla.


90 An Invitation from Corregidor

A tadpole-shaped island in the Philippines visited by local and foreign tourists because of its historical importance during World War II, Corregidor has always fascinated me of its after-wrath inscriptions.  The memorial, which used to be a battleground that has claimed many lives of Filipino, American and Japanese soldiers, holds structures and sculptures that tell more than a million stories of each departed soul.

Here is an invitation from this humble island to communicate the present from the past. What comes to your mind whenever you see such meaningful phrase(s)?