93 Re: Frame of Mind

Instantly, thoughts overflowed my mind as I read Daily Prompt’s Frame of Mind; blogging and painting—amongst those that interest me.


Modern Mona Lisa, a contemporary version of da Vinci’s self-portrait, renders acceptance with herself and adaptation to change. Her smile depicts happiness and contentment whilst bravely facing challenges ahead. A work of art which started since she was born, gradually revealing clearer image of herself as the world continuously revolves. Painted on a canvas, it shall be hanged in an exhibit’s wall, sooner the color will fade, by and by will be forgotten.


74 Re: Fifty-Word Inspiration

Response to Daily Prompt’s Fifty-Word Inspiration:

A fifty-word writing challenge which compressed the words but not the ideas. Took time to shorten the thoughts.


Nine months, you arrived
First smile, tears in my eyes
Said “Dada,” melted my heart
First steps, we walked hand in hand
These never will I forget
I don’t know how to give you the best
Locked behind bars
Until when, nobody knows
A world full of doubt
Nobody understands.

141 Re: Breathing Room

Response to Daily Prompt’s Breathing Room:

“An extra room has magically been added to your home overnight. The catch: if you add more than three items to it, it disappears. How do you use it?”

 Breathing 03 Room


Magical –
as a night sky full of stars;
Over the night –
gone in the sun light;
Added room –
library of my own
Run in the rain, fly a kite
One at a time, the irony of life
Not more than three
is what I am allowed
Family, work, money
nothing is easy
Dream of the future
but present is reality
When life is at stake
you just want to escape
Read a book –
enter somebody else’s nook
When all seems to break
you just want to take a break
Come, bring nothing
but heart, mind and soul
Silence, keep me forever
My breathing room, my shelter.