364 I Had A Boss

02 I Had A Boss

One rainy Sunday afternoon, the cold weather set my mood and so I was able to write this.


I had Boss A soon as I finished college
He used to teach and he also loves to preach
He is a man of wisdom, he has great knowledge
He values his family and only to God he fears.


I had Boss A and he made me an apprentice
I learned so much and developed my skills
I enjoyed work and pushed myself harder
I laughed, I cried, to me he was the best mentor.


I had Boss A, whom we adored and respected
Till it came to my mind that we’re always neglected
All of the hard work was never appreciated
The organization’s success, we never benefited…


I had Boss B who is very optimistic
He encourages people, he makes us believe
I had Boss B who is very energetic
He never ran out of idea even when he lacks sleep.


I had Boss B and he gave me an opportunity
I had the best of my career that others would envy
Work became my home, desk became my bed
With Boss B, computer became my bestfriend.


I had Boss B, I thought we celebrated success together
Would you stay still if even water he cannot share?
I had Boss B, with him our efforts became meaningless
Soon as I realized that to him, people should be treated as slaves…


I had Boss C who seemed to be care free
He is very generous, money is so easy
You’ll be surprised when you get to know him
Not only he treats you as a colleague, but as a family.


I had Boss C first before Boss B
But I didn’t think twice to go back to Boss C
He cares less if you’re late or early
He cares more as he said so of productivity.


I had Boss C who everyone loves
But of course, not as much as his wife does
Now all of you may want to have a boss like mine
But hey, it used to be “I had” ’cause now, it’s “I have.”


First published on September 15, 2013 in my Facebook timeline.