230 Lilok atpb.

Featured in one of the television shows about home-based business, polymer clay creations piqued my interest about almost two years ago.

I was always a fan of artsy and crafty works, and polymer clay was new to me then. With curiosity in mind and creativity at heart, I “googled” everything I could search out of polymer clay until I found reliable suppliers and other clayists. I was inspired with how detailed  and beautiful the end products are and at the same time, I thought, I could make some money out of it.

Using ordinary clay made for kids, I started out and practiced “sculpting.”

Little mouse using children's clay.
Little mouse using children’s clay.

Amused, I found myself really enjoying it.

Mushroom, baby, ice cream stick and a burger.
Mushroom, baby, ice cream stick and a burger.

After a few weeks, I decided to buy oven-baked polymer clay, its tools and accessories. Unfortunately, last year’s habagat caused flood in our area, and yes—my beloved polymer clay was soaked in waste water.

Habagat 2013 clay leftovers.
Habagat 2013 clay leftovers.

Nevertheless, my not-so-recently found hobby continued until this little Mr. made its way to get noticed by friends. Some of my friends and relatives placed orders…and that’s how it all started.

My superstar.
My superstar.

To view other polymer clay items I made, please do visit my Facebook page—Lilok atpb. (Sculpt etc.). See you!




2 thoughts on “230 Lilok atpb.

  1. I have great news for you – one of your creations went to Hollywood and became a movie star! 😀

    Great work (and a very well-written article).

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